August 19,

Report time for Friday Night, Sept. 4 vs. Hamilton is 4:30 p.m.

The following are the call times for the away games ..... Please review the check out procedure for students wanting to ride home with parents after the game. The handbook is listed on this website with a link at the top.

9/4 vs. Hamilton    Report time is 4:30

9/18 vs. Danville    Report time is 4:00

9/25 vs. Cullman    Report time is 2:00 .. depart at 2:30.... we will stop in Cullman to eat.

10/23 vs. Curry        Report time is 4:15

Students and Parents,

We need your help! The Fayette County High School “Pride of the Tigers” Band is made up of many moving parts. The Directors responsibility is to teach the students, the students’ responsibility is to practice and perform and the parents and supporters role is to support. That’s where we need your help. Each and every performance of the F.C.H.S. Band is quite the undertaking. Water must be prepared every performance in order for our students to be hydrated. We also provide water for our guest band as a gesture of hospitality. Before each performance we must also load and unload our equipment trailer. The students know it is their responsibility to take care of their own equipment, but sometimes they need an adult to supervise. We must get all of the equipment into the stadium. We have to move the coolers from the trailer to the stadium, we move the drum stands to the stadium, we also move our keyboards and speakers to the stadium for our half-time performance. All of this must be done before the band begins their warm-up in the band room at 6:15. We also must move all the keyboards and speakers to the field and onto the field for performance. Once half time is completed and our students have given an outstanding show, we take all of the equipment back and load it onto the trailer. Once the game is complete we load of our percussion and tubas along with our coolers that were used that night and load them onto the trailer. Along with all these responsibilities we must also chaperone or students. This task is not just for away games. We need parents and chaperones with us at all times to ensure students are taken care of during the evening. Whether that means watching after someone that is not feeling well, or encouraging students to return from the restroom a little more quickly or just cheering on the band as they perform in the stands, being a chaperone is very important.

This is where we need your help! We need volunteers. Help supervise our students in the loading and unloading our trailer. Help chaperone our students for both home and away games. Please get involved with our band. The more you are involved, the better experience it will be for our students and the more successful our program can become. If you can help please contact me at 932-8794, if no one answers please leave a message. You can also reach me via email at

Be a part of the band!

We need your help!

Fayette County High School
“Pride of the Tigers” 

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The Fayette County High School and Middle School Bands are comprised of almost 300 students. Mrs. Susan Seymour is the Director of Bands at Fayette Middle School. Under her leadership the band has continued to grow and expand both in quality and quantity. The Middle School Bands have achieved Superior ratings at the Alabama Bandmasters Association State Concert Assessment the past three years. This is the highest rating possible for High School and Middle School Bands. The Fayette County High School Band is under the leadership of Mr. Kevin Thomas. While the Director of Bands the band has maintained an average of 25% of the school population being involved in the band program. This is far above the national average for High School Bands. The High School Concert Bands have also achieved a Superior rating at State Concert Assessment the past two years. They consistently play the highest level of music and do so at a Superior level. Under the tutelage of Mrs. Seymour and Mr. Thomas, the band will strive to maintain the highest level of achievement and musical education.

The Fayette Band at Rockefeller Plaza in New York.